Dental Implants in Flagstaff

The Benefits of Dental Implants 

dental_implantsThe key benefit of dental implants over other tooth replacement systems is that an implant connects directly to the jaw bone and functions just the same as your original tooth. It’s obviously not the same as the original connection, but it functions just the same.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The process of getting dental implants begins with a free consultation and exam visit with Dr. Yang to evaluate the appropriateness of dental implants in your situation. It results in a dental care plan and a cost estimate, which you and Dr. Yang can discuss at the conclusion of the exam.

As soon as you know you would like to proceed with the free exam and evaluation, please call us at 928.214.0772 to make an appointment. 

Replacing a tooth with an implant and a crown is not a one-day procedure. The implant needs time to properly adhere to the bone and create a healthy fusion before the crown can be attached and full bite force can be applied. In most cases, it will take a few months to complete the process. Dental implants are actually a series of steps; each is very different. The best place to start is with a free consultation visit with Dr. Yang.

Dental Implants and Tooth Loss

When a tooth is lost, bone loss will eventually occur in that region because the root is no longer stimulating and stabilizing the bone. By using titanium–which biochemically joins to bone–to replace the root, you get a bond that more accurately replicates the the natural one you lost. 

When you lose a tooth, especially a back tooth, you may feel you don’t need to replace it, since no one can see that it’s missing and you have plenty of other teeth. In addition to the the bone loss going on under the surface, affects remaining teeth as well. Teeth create a structure for the face and their loss can shift the surrounding teeth, creating aesthetic issues and bite problems. A lost tooth can also affect facial structures such as the jaw, muscles, jaw joints, and even the skin. If several teeth are lost, it’s not uncommon to suffer from social consequences and poor nutrition.

Rebuilding Lost Bone

When the supporting alveolar bone melts away, it’s gone for good, but through grafting, a skilled dental professional can recreate bone to fuse with and support an implant. This is wonderful news, but it is still best to have a dental implant as soon as possible after the tooth is lost for the most predictable aesthetic outcome.